The Music

Old School, Instrumental, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Top 40, Electro, Funk, Dance, 80's,  90's, 2000’s and what your listening today.

Your   Prom

The High School Prom is the biggest social night of the year for students. It gives everyone a chance to get dressed up and celebrate in style. RadioActive Events DJ Service of NW Ohio provides the soundtrack to such a magical night.

Our DJs will keep the students entertained throughout the night, with our wide selection of todays hottest music, we'll be sure to keep everyone on the dance floor. And with special effects like intelligent lighting, fog machines and lasers, we'll make sure everyone has the night of there lives.


We can insure that the music we play is appropriate to the crowd we're performing for. You can also trust in the reliability our company has come to be known for. We show up 45 minutes to 1 hour before every event to set up our systems and double check our sound. All of our disc jockeys are experts at crowd control. We know how to get students involved in the dance. And, we insure that when the kids leave they will be looking forward to the next dance. In addition to our reliability and great performances we also are willing to meet with either the students or teachers involved in the school's event planning. We can do this at the beginning of the year or anytime throughout. Because we deal with so many schools and have performed for so many students, we know what works and what does not work. We also have many ideas that can help set your dance apart from all of the others in the past. Secondly, we can show you how to turn every dance into a fundraiser as opposed to a fund eliminator.

Students And Youth

We offer a great music selection including the most up to date new releases. We subscribe to a national music preview service, which means that we have the new music before most of the radio stations do. We also will take requests both before and during the dance to make sure the music we're playing is what the students want to hear. To insure a full dance floor, we will also teach a variety of line and group dances. One of the most important factors to insure a great dance is good planning. We realize that most dances are planned by student councils and, most of the students involved in the planning have never had to hire a disc jockey before. To ease the difficulty associated with this pre-dance planning, we will send one of our disc jockeys out to your school to go over song selections and offer suggestions to make your dance more enjoyable and profitable for everyone.

RadioActive Events DJ’s are your school and teen dance DJ specialists! Homecoming, Glow Dances (black light), Sadie Hawkins, Winter Formal, PROM, Turnabout or Graduation Party, We understand exactly what you want, what you need & what you can afford! No school is too small or too big. From 100 to 2500 students, we can accommodate your needs with the best audio, video, and lighting
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